Communication de Walferdange - rugby

09 January 2023

We want to support one of our own and we need your help 


Ronny or Tronny, as we call her in our rugby community in Walferdange, is 36 years old, and has not been the same since her coronavirus infection in March. She is now suffering from post-covid ME/CFS syndrome. Because of her chronic fatigue syndrome, Ronny has been unable to work and is more often than not bedridden.


Moreover, she has developed a sensitivity to noise and light, experiences severe muscle pain and extreme headaches, deals with cognitive impairment and suffers from POTS (transitioning to an upright position causes increased heart rate, dizziness and vertigo). Ronny hardly leaves her house these days, except to visit her doctors, spending the rest of her time in bed.


Health insurance funds do not yet support all treatment options and therapies because they have not yet been sufficiently studied.


That is why her friends launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance an apheresis therapy (blood washing). It costs around €2,000 per session and Ronny would probably need ten sessions.


If you are able to donate so that she can get back on the field again, it would be very much appreciated.  


Here is the crowdfunding link: